Ash land

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Hey everyone,

It has been so long since I updated my blog. Its not good form, I know, but at the same time, i had to finish my semester 1 exams. They were very hard, but im happy to be relaxing in Brisbane right now. Its not the warmest - its actually the coldest visit i've had to Brisbane, but I still love it here. Its always a more moderate temperature than Melbourne, and its starting to feel like my second home. It will be kind of sad to leave, because I know i wont be comming back regularly (Lars goes home) but nice too because leaving means that I get to see my family.

About that, I am leaving on the 28th, to see my family in Queenstown New Zealand. Do some ski training, hele skiing (cant wait!!) and just plain catching up. It will be great. I need a little family time down here. After New Zealand, we're off to Melbourne for 3 days. Hopefully catch up with some friends there, show the bro and sis the night scene, show dad around, then head off to Port Douglas. That should be nice, as I am starting to miss having a 'real' summer. Travelling is so much fun, but constantly missing out on the nice nice (read hot!) weather is a bit bad. So its great to have some time to swim, snorkel, dive, and sunbake. After Port Douglas, we are off to Bali for 14 days. I am only staying for a week though, because i will be missing school just staying for that long, so I have to go back to the real world. But im sure that my family will have heaps of fun.

Lars is great, hes still very much into keeping me on track (read: train heaps, drink never, sports all the time !!!). But of course, I can do that myself!!! haha. Hes a great guy and im a very lucky girl. I cant wait for MK and Keems to meet him, b/c through MK, i feel like we are going through the same things, and man, it will be good times in Nov. So, by-the-way, if anyone at home was missing me heaps (haha) put it in your books that i'll be home around the 9/10 of nov, depending on when my exams are, but that is what im planning. I will be in Canada until the 27/28th of December. Hopefully i'll get up to London Trisha right away, as you are the 1st person im comming to! hahaha. It feels so weird not being home for mardi gras with you and the girls.

Aside from that, I dont think too much else is worth noting. I miss you everyone: *Trisha, MK, Liz, Cara, Sarah, Tania, Claire, Julie, Steph, JENNI, Lindsey(Guelph), Evan, Crystal, Rebecca, Ashley, Amanda, V. And anyone i missed........i tried ;)

Trish, by the way, if you get this, email me your phone number - some strange lady got really mad at me when i called your so-called house phone 3 times the other day - it was NOT denise! hahaha

Bye bye everyone!