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Saturday, March 26, 2005

6 months

Today is lars and i's 6 month anniversary. We are going out to dinner at 'vinos' in southbank in brissy, then out to some regatta bar with Tea. Tea's up from Melbourne and a friend in Law school. I trust her sense in going out, so hopefully its a good place.

Hopefully i'll have some good pictures of southbank, those will come eventually, im so slow at putting them online.

We have had a busy day and the evening has not even started. We started the day by going to Fitness First, and have to walk there, because brissy public transport is terrible. Then we walked to Queen street mall. Bought some stuff at GNC for lars - protein something or other, and then on our way back to Cathedral place where L man lives.

We're both tired already. But then again, lars never likes going out......he claims because he's 23 hes done that phase, but actively encourages me to do what I want. haha. SOooo...i drag him out. well.....its what i want right? haha.

Lars is so sweet though, i didnt know, but yesterday he suprised me in telling me that we were going out to dinner tonight. Its special because you have to book at least a week in advance. And it is my favourite restaurant in Brisbane! So i was quite excited - the food there is mmm. Also, it is right on the water, and has a beautiful view of the story bridge which is all lit up with lights right now.

Ok, so because i got rained on on the way back from Queen street, I have to go do damage control on the coif....haha.

Bye for now

Friday, March 25, 2005

Ash land

Ash land: "Ash "

Sooo, whats new today? Not too much. Did another morning at the pool. Followed by listening to my law lecture online, and then some case reading. About an hr ago i made pizza dough with Lars. We didnt have any yeast, so we are trying risible flour. Or something technical in the flour department. Lars' pizza is the best! so good, so I hope this turns out well. Last nights dinner was also a success. Despite us never having made that kind of pasta ever before, it came out just as good as a restaurant. So I was very happy!!!

Tonight, im going to BIG W.......A crap store, to try and find a cheap hair straightener because I forgot mine in Melbourne. Its very humid up here, so my hair is freaking right out. haha. After that we are going to the Queen street mall to go for a walk. Its an outdoor mall thing, and its really fun. Might even convince lars to get more clothes - I'm VERY good at this! hehehe.

that's about all for today.....

Lazy day

First full day in Brisbane, and Its really nice weather up here. But then again it always is :)
We are attempting to make some pasta and a new kind of hopefully it tastes alright :)
Thats more like - im cutting things and lars is cooking - im sooooooooo bad at cooking, i dont know what it is, but i think i have a natural gift at wrecking cookable objects.
Im great a cereal, museli, and i figure that should take care of me for a while ;)

Later this week, im doing more of nothing, beach, pool, and studying. Im happy to have a break ...
Guess I'll get back to this later.

XO Ash

Thursday, March 24, 2005

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