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Monday, August 22, 2005

Law Ski Weekend

This past weekend we had our law ski weekend. It was at Mt. Buller. It was a really fun relaxing weekend with lots of eating, drinking, skiing, and socialising. Unfortunately the weather was really terrible (warm and raining all weekend) but we made the best of it. I got 2 days of skiing in and alot of constitutional law done on one of the other days.

We took lots of pictures and played some fun drinking games 'typewriter' 'battle of the sexes' etc.....and i'll post some pictures above of the trouble we got up to.

We all learned that you can ski while soaking wet, and Daimon realised that you can ski with wind pants on and no long underwear while soaking wet - although im not too sure he enjoyed it. hahaha...sorry but that was brave man! haha. Lars learned that jumping off a small ledge with telemark skis and no landing room ends in a lucky fall between jagged rocks.......and I learned that I dont like being soaking wet and blasted with wind at the top of Wombat chair.

Aside from those less than sterling moments, steph's non dairy dark chocolate cookies were a definite positive part to the weekend, the blonde crew's (thanks 4 the name seb) pictures in the kitchen, and Kaz's entertaining signals for the typewriter game were great highlights to the weekend.

It was a fun weekend, and now its back to lovely classes and studying for a whole week and a half before law ball. Im really looking forward to that as it should be a crazy night!

I'll update then, and enjoy the pictures !!!
Bye for now!


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