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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

First 2 weeks back into the semester

So this is to update on the first few weeks back at school, and also the end of the Bali trip.

So at the end of the trip, i actually ended up enjoying the braided 'do' so much that i made it slightly more permanent with extensions. I honestly thought that the women doing my hair were going to pull my face back so tightly that I would have a pre-40 (as in age) facelift. Let me tell you, gentle is NOT their 'thing'. haha. Either way, its been about a week and a half, and while they have loosened up alot, I am still enjoying them. I think i'll give it about another week, and then remove them. I need to do my roots, and also need to get back to looking more like a law student, and less like a backpacker (hahaha J).

My surfing did come along a bit better after the first lesson. The only unfortunate thing, was that I sprained my ankle by surfing too far up the beach, and then stepping down into the wave, and yea......apparently thats not a good thing to do. haha. Im ok though, and it feels quite a bit better now (1.5 weeks after the fact). Just a bit sore when i go to training really hard.

We also went to a restaurant in Gli Gli or something cute sounding like that. It was right on the beach, so we got to see the sun set, and the waves comming in. It was so beautiful. The food was also amazing, as was the wine, and the! haha. It was that good! If ever in Indonesia (Bali specifically), definately go to this place (i'll remember the name at a totally inconvenient time im sure...hehe ;))

Aside from that, i guess the flight home was rather un-eventful, met some ........ahem.......interesting people, who were all too eager to tell me their life stories, even though i was on the red eye, so i really felt like just falling asleep. But thats ok. hehe. If ever flying in this part of the world (for the people at home) ALWAYS choose Qantas, as they rock. They are just so amazing! I cant say enough good things about them..........and the fact they upgrade me to first class frequently - i cant complain! haha

As for life back in melbourne, the first few days back had delightfully cheery crap weather, but now the weather is great. Its been warming up and feeling like early september in canada. Around 15-18 degrees durring the day and quite a few days lately with sunshine! So there is really no complaining about that.

Ive managed to become employed. Im suprised with myself. Fortunately 1 is good and 1 is meh..........well.....interesting. The good one is bartending work at a fancy restaurant called 'Enzo's'. The food at this place looks incredible, they have an excellent wine list, deserts, and of course.........DRINKS AND COFFEES (capitalised because they are the best things there, and possibly b/c i make them ;) ) The boys that work there (im the only chick) are all really polite and friendly, and one of the male waiters looks like santa clause. What more could you ask for....... My second job is working at a chineese restaurant. I basically do nothing and it lets me study, so that is ideal really. Basically all i have to do is answer the phone, explain they have the right number (b/c they are shocked im not chineese sounding.....) and then put the order (in short hand) on the sticky tack on the counter in the kitchen. I also get to try alot of chineese cooking (not take-away style but actual home cooking). Its o-k, but eating is a bit of a turn off b/c they have much different ettiquete than im used to. Oh well, its a good job, so no complaints....!

I guess thats the newest news. Upcomming events for me are the law ski weekend, and law ball, both of which im very much looking forward to. I will keep ya'll updated.

Love and miss everyone at home,


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