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Saturday, July 16, 2005

vacation part 2

So I have some big updates I guess. Last time I wrote, I was going to do breakfast with the birds. That actually ended up being heaps good fun, as the breakfast was good, and we took kangaroo food and fed kangas all morning until we got bored. After that I went to the beach, and baked like a mofo. It was a good day, and I walked all the way to the point and back, and went sailing at the end of the night. It was a fun day, and really hot, so although i got burned it was worth it.

The next day we finally got out to see the reef. That was so incredible. We went out to a reef called rudder reef. I got to dive which was great. Didnt see anything too cool, just a really lame shark and beautiful fish. I really wanted to see a cool big shark, but my sister wanted not to see one too badly so she jinxed it.

But........more on that tomoz. bye!!!!!
ps: trish, email me i miss you babe!


  • At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Lars Erling said…

    Hi sweetie! I hope you have a nice time on Bali. For two deserve it, and when you can't stay home and talk to me on Skype you might as well have some fun. :)

    I'm writing to you here because you never get any feedback on your news on this site, so I figured it would be nice for you to see that someone actually reads them.

    So, you got burned...I've told you to put sunscreen on your sensitive can't take as much sun as me. ;) And you should be happy the shark was lame. You don't need the aggressive ones, because I want you back from your holiday in one piece!

    I spent today doing some work at the farm, and I went tanning and swimming in Eikern, a nice lake nearby. Tomorrow, I'll be taking my boat to be serviced, and I'm spending the evening with Erik and Gard in Oslo.

    I miss you very much elskling, and I'm very much looking forward to move in with you. We have so much fun together so that will be great! Hope to hear from you soon...byeee!

    Love you!


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