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Monday, July 25, 2005

Trip re-cap, and missing my fam!

So I guess I have to write a thing about New Zealand while its still relatively fresh in my mind.

New Zealand was incredible. Firstly, the drive up to Wanaka was crazy. The road was called the Crown Range and it was twisty with blind turns, and the best part..........crazy drop offs. One of the locals told us a tragic story of a group of 20 somethings in a car that while driving to Treble cone drove off one of the aforementioned cliffs and fell 180 meters to their demise. That certainly made the already scary drives much more scary. Not only were the drives quite white knuckle causing, but they were also some of the most beautiful drives we have ever done. They were drives through the winding roads at the base of the mountain, and then the views as you slowly ascended up the mountain and the views as you looked down into the valley over queenstown. One of the days was particularly lovely as we had clouds making queenstown cloudy and dreary but they were at such a level that they were lower than Wanaka and thus providing beautiful sunshine for the wanaka area. Unfortunatley that was no good for the ski hills, but very good for photo opportunities. That particular day was a fun drive as the weather was so perfect at the top of the crown range, and looking down you could not see Queenstown. It almost appeared as if you were looking at a huge ice rink with lots of snow and fog on top. Only it was not solid, and it was only a blanket of clouds. A drive that started beautiful, was almost completely white while we drove through the clouds, and then was an ordinary overcast day the lower we descended. It was a crazy cool day as far as I was concerned.

So that is basically the drive. Its really hard to describe in perfect detail. But, it was definately one of the scariest and coolest experiences. I will try to post some pictures, but they dont do the drives justice. Go to New Zealand. Queenstown / Wanaka, and go drive the crown range, and then all the drives up to the ski hills. You will have your breath stolen. Its so beautiful..........a definate experience.

Now for our accomodations. It was so wonderful. Let me tell you!!! The place we stayed at was called the Lakeside Serviced Appartments. For starters, all the floors were heated. So standing and brushing your teeth or loading the dishwasher, your feet were always warm. My favourite was running a bath, stripping down and doing my situps on the heated floor in the bathroom in my knickers. Fun times. Speaking of bathtubs, the one at Lakeside was so expansive that it took about 15-20 minutes to fill properly, had such nice jets, and had just the perfect amount of lean so that when you lay in it it was a difficult experience not to fall asleep. Another feature that I adored was the heating blanket under the sheets. Level 2 as your reading, and 1 when your ready to fall asleep. Kept you toasty and then comfortably warm while you were sleeping all night long. What else can I say. The furniture, and appliances were stainless steal and beautiful. Really really enviable dishwasher (2 levels!!) . Definately the way i'd eventually like my home to look like one day.

The whole reason we ventured to New Zealand was for the skiing. The skiing when we were there was amazing the first 2 days. The first day we got a feel for the terrain and enjoyed the jumps and off piste trails. That evening the snow fell and the skiing the next day was incredible. Fresh powder and alot more terrain open. After that, the weather warmed up and unfortunately the snow conditions worsened. However, the skiing was still great and much more adventurous than blue moutain (but not slagging blue! i love that place too! hehe). All in all we got about 5/6 days on the snow, and skiied Cardrona, The Remarkables, and Cadorra (i think thats the name). Cardrona being my personal favourite, as well as the one we skiied the most. Unfortunately for us, Trebble Cone wasnt open yet, but I will keep that one tucked into my memory and look forward to tackling it next time i go to NZ.

The night life and male female hottness ratio was lacking. However, perhaps that was because we were in Wanaka, and it was a quieter small town. I did feel bad for the two solos in the family as they were greatly dissapointed with the meat available. hahaha.

New Zealand truly is a beautiful country. I would love to go on a tour from north to south island and just drive. Although i did feel car sick most mornings (remember.......they were VERY windy roads), with a good dose of travel calm, I can see myself enjoying the scenery more, not feeling ill, and thinking it was the most beautiful romantic drives.

As for what is going on right now, today I left bali, and my family. That was very hard. I didnt realise how enjoyable having their company really and truly was until i suddenly got home and they werent here. However, bits and pieces of them were here; in my appartment. All the snowboards and skiis, in a pile in the corner, Dad's brock hat, audra's monash tee and brush and face cloth, Andrew's Jim Beam. I had a good cry today over that. Guys if you do get a chance to read this, know that I had such a good time. Sure we have our little bickerings and stuff, but i mean, thats totally normal. I loved our month together, and it really makes me sad to know that I have to be here without you. But at the same time, im hoping that when im done school i'll figure out my life so that i either live near you guys, or have a job so good that I can frequently be near you.

Ok but for now, I'll stop writing, because thinking of you guys away from me, while i really do hope you guys are having the time of your lives, i really just miss you and your company. I just want you to know I love you guys so much, and dad especially thank you so much for the trip. It was just incredible, and so so much fun!

Thats all for now,
All my love everyone, Trisha miss you, All my love to my family


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