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Monday, July 11, 2005

my vacation

Well im on vacation so im not making this long. That and im tired, as all this gymming and suntanning is really stressful (hahaha!).

We're in Port Douglas (pd) right now, and its great fun. The sun is hot here everyday, and the tan lines are going strong. I love the heat. So nice to get out of melbourne where its freeeeeeezing.

Its really tropical here right now, and tonight, its dead in all the bars (who would have thought people stay in on mondays in a cool place like this! haha). We went to cane toad racing tonight (a comedy sketch with toads haha). It was interesting and quite funny. Thankfully, they did not pick my ticket, so i was not subjected to touching and kissing the bastards. I was happy. Evan, just so you dont think i am forgetting, i thought about you and the toads, and how jealous seeing them 'race' must make you. HAHA. Unfortunately the guy didnt like the suggestion of me taking one of his racing toads and posting one to freeman place. Sorry.

Dad had a few to many vodka redbulls and provided some entertainment. Andrew and Audra had a few drinks, and were unfazed, I stuck to water. I think im alergic to alcohol. Not really, but its not been treating my stomach poorly lately, so better to stay on the water.

Tomoz, we are going for some breakfast with the birds. Im alergic to live chickens so if those things make me itchy i'll be mad. That and the probable unsanitary nature of having feathered disease birds around me makes me not understand the desire people have of going and eating with birds. However, its an 'attraction' up here (in PD) so we'll go, and Im sure it will be fun. I'll give you the decision when i next update this thing.

I guess thats all. Everyone back home, miss you love you all that stuff.
Enjoy summer, and everyone in Melbz see u soon!



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