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Friday, July 22, 2005

Indonesia - Bali

Hey there,

Here is a more appropriate update of my week in Bali.

The first few days we just kind of layed around the huge pool and got sun. It was tonnes of fun, but after about 1 day I realised that I could not fight with the heat and humidity and I decided to get my hair braided. I now look like all the other 5 year olds on the resort. BUT...let me tell you it is so damn easy to deal with. Wake up great hair.....go swimming --> great hair, etc. No hassles.

Everything is Bali is so cheap. So far I had my hair braided (with clear pink and blue beads) pedicure, bought clothes, etc, for all under 100 dollars. The equivalent of 1 million rupiah. God i love going to a store and spending a million dollars. hahaha. Jokes of course, but it is different to see a bill like that.

We're making friends with the locals, and although we frequently turn down 'massages' (not dirty ones!!! just beach massages from sketchy locals - and sometimes men) we've bought enough boardies, and sarongs to clothe a small villiage. Anna and Lili are very nice to us!! Also met a lady called Kinky today, had a huge laugh over that. Also got offered 2nd hand condoms. HMMMMM!!! hahah. Andrew almost died of grossed outness (is that a word) when a guy offered him a massage today. But he was proud of bartering for sarongs for Audra with an empty beer bottle (And it actually worked).

Yesterday we went to Obud (sp?). On the way we made sure to go to every carving and/or silver shop we could find (thats an exaggeration). But we did see some amazing sculptures all hand carved. Dad bought 2, so it will be fun to come home in Nov and see where they make it in the house. One is a scary elephant and the other is a Balineese woman. Both are very pretty. They also had giant penis carvings with women hugging them, and penis carvings with bottle openers on them. While the boys found it humerous at first they decided against buying them when they realised they would have to hold the penis to open the beer.

Once in Obud we went to lunch and saw a temple, audra visited a very sketchy bathroom, and then we went off to the monkey forrest. At first i thought there would only be a few, but then as more realised we had bananas, they all came round. I got chased by one monkey but threw the lot of the bananas to andrew, who the monkeys continued to chase. I was much happier when it was not me being chased. Dad got pooed on, as the canopy apparently has monkeys in it as well. I counted my blessings for mising out on that experience. The baby monkeys we saw were so cute. So tiny but so darn cute.

After that we went home, I went shopping and then to italian dinner. The food was great, and got to make your own pasta (or choose the 'perfect combo').

Today we went off and learned how to surf. I have really put it off since being in australia as everyone has gone off telling me how extreemly hard it is to do it. However, after the on land lesson, and the constant help in the water, I actually found it tricky but not impossible. I definately got up standing, and even a little steer at one point. Would I say im good after 3 hrs practice? no....... but I could definately catch a wave properly, and stand up. For any surfers out there laughing at me, i'll keep practicing and beat you ! hahah. Im way too competitive.

After that we did some shopping, and then had a late tea. Now im just killing time before we go for dinner, and a 'big' night out apparently. Im so tired, its not even funny. Ive been to the gym, surfing and big walks up and down the huge beach, but i'll pull it out, and go out. hahaha.

Guess that is all the updates for now. Will keep it going, and eventually get around to writing all about New Zealand, which i slacked big time in doing.

Talk to everyone soon!


  • At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Lars Erling said…

    Is that one big braid or lots of tiny ones?

    I thought you were used to need to fear them...they just have some long arms. :)

    Well...enjoy the rest of your stay and be careful.

    Love you!


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