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Monday, April 25, 2005

work work work

Oh man, contract law is just a pain in my bum. Seriously, hurts. We had a 58 page case to critique and analyse in only 2000 words. I actually thought my brain would explode, then my eyes, then my arms, oh guys get the picture.

Seriously, not fun at all. Then i get to finish my paper on transvestites, and how they are not accepted in our society. Which was a bit daunting at first, as I realized I really havent tackled that subject much in sociology, but in the end was a good topic. Interesting, different, and veryyyy complex. Which makes an essay interesting to write albeit a bit tedious to mention all key issues.

Lars left again today. Its always a bit sad when he leaves, even though I know we get to see each other again soon. Long distance is tough, even if you know its not for long. Mabey its all in my head. hehe. But oh well. 10 day countdown starts now! hehe.

Im very excited for the fam to come down here so I can party it up with Auds and Andrew. It should be good times. Im especially looking forward to taking heavy J out for drinks, and checking out the hills in New Zealand. Its comming up I am realizing, and with finishing school earlier than I expected, it should be a fantastic holliday.

Other than that, I really miss my girls at home! so hi to all of you, especially Jenni......who knows why shes getting this very specific shout no one think im neglecting them, this ones for jenni alone. haha. I hope you girls are all doing well........Australia really isnt home yet without you, although i am quite settled in. I always wish you guys were here.

But i guess thats all, all my love girls, guys.......


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