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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Big day out in Brissy

So today Lars and I went out for a walk around Brisbane. I have come up here so many times, but havent really gotten out and seen much of the sites. Just stuff we passed while walking to the gym - which is FARRRRR away, or grocery shopping. So needless to say, I am very familiar with Woolies, and Fitness First - sweet!

What we saw yesterday was Southbank, then to Lars' school - the pretty building in the group of pictures I will upload above this blog. Then we walked through the botanical gardens - see the beautiful purple flower. Lars made fun of me for taking that because it was actually in a swampy looking area. Also, i pointed out a dead duck to lars; floating upside down- he was unimpressed - so that was all very gross i'll admit, but the pretty purple flowers that were growing in there were special. After the Botanical gardens, we walked across the big bridge in the dirty Brisbane river (pretty bridge - dirty river) to Southbank. We walked along southbank which is very pretty. Lots of flowered archways all with lillac flowers - my fave colour!

Southbank also has a very pretty saltwater pool/beach thing right along the river. Its really pretty and looked like fun - although I think it was for 12 year olds. There were ALOT of them there. Oh well, if i wasnt dressed up for the city then I would have jumped in. After Southbank we went to West end. We walked around there went into a bunch of boutiques, and headed back home.

Needless to say, we were exhausted after that. We had a nice dinner and took an early night.

Oh yea, last night we watched Harold and Kumar - best movie ever! so funny. I highly recommend it to all the Canadians back home if you havent already seen it. So stupid but highly entertaining.

All the pictures above are of our 'big day out' in brisbane.......

Thats all for now!


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