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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wow, its pretty slack when the last time you have updated your blog is new years.

That is ok. I am here now, and I'll shoot out a quick update of what has happened recently....or more recently anyways.

In June I took off to go to Malaysia for a month. We actually had a great life while we were there. We lived in a 4.5 star hotel and they changed out duvets every single night! That part actually shocked me! We were treated to a complimentary huge buffet breakfast (officially S.E. Asia has amazing breakfasts) every morning, and food was generally inexpensive for the other meals. There was a gorgeous landscaped pool area and a nice gym that we could go to everyday. It was meant to be a trip to go and study, but I believe that alot of us got alot more fun out of it than we expected.

While we were away we booked a weekend away in the Perhentians. That is north of Kuala Lumpur where we were staying. It took 5 legs of transport to get there. It was not really worth it unless you like the 'roughing it' routine. I personally do not. Do not get me wrong. It is a beautiful island, with great people, and really cool travellers from all over the world. However, running water and a flush toilet (i wont rock paper scisors and got the good room) comes at a premium that in KL gets you a 4 star hotel and maid. However, on the island you can take a 2 hr trip to 'turtle island' where they have a father/son turtle conservatory. It is really cute, and there are literally hundreds of baby turtles that they rescue in hopes that if they grow up a bit before migrating to the ocean they will survive. I'm not entirely sure if this is that much better for them, but this is literally all these two guys do. And the island they live on is entirely deserted. Kind of creapy, but also really beautiful. We were the only 6 people there!

Back in KL we studied 5 days a week 1/2 days, and then had the afternoons off to do our own thing. Most of the time was spent studying, but with a full street market only a 7 dollar cab ride away called 'Petaling Street' this became a frequent haunt for Mel, Erin and I. Erin had a real knack for picking out really nice designer labels and genuine CD's so we really had to chaperone her to make sure that she didnt get TOO GREAT of deals. Among some of her better purchases were 'Elizabeth Dior' genuine perfume.....what?!! And, a Robbie Williams CD sung by an asian impersonator....and the BEST part of that purchase was that she listened to it for a few weeks after we got home and SHE HONESTLY thought that it was really Robbie....ahh! Oh erin, at least you and your corrinthians made for good laughs!

Erin by the way was the third girl in our 2 man bedroom. E-rine (as we liked to call her) had a fruit loving roomie with habits that could not mesh with her own, and so it was easier and more peaceful to have her crash with us.

It was a really fun month, and living in a hotel really suited me, but then I had to come home.

Since then I've basically been in school (well since February) non-stop. Therefore, I will be really looking forward to October 30th which is officially my last exam! That will be a wonderful day for me. I have not traditionally been finished my exams quite so early in the year so this is really a treat. I will actually be able to go to the melbourne cup races and wear a pretty fascinator. This will come with pictures in facebook - naturally.

Memorable dates worth mentioning are that Lars and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on September 26 (also Andrew's bday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). We went to E Gusto a restuaruant in Southbank and had a lovely dinner looking over the Yarra River.

I have recently finished my mid-semester break (it fell quite late this year) and will be gearing up for exams for the next 3-4 weeks. Which basically means that there wont be much updating on my part.

Future dates worth mentioning are that sometime later this year (i think later november) my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alfie will be comming to Australia to visit me! (well not entirely just to visit me, but let me remain in my self-obsessed bubble!). That will be nice. Out of which I am sure that I will get to catch up with an old family friend Jill. So I do look forward to this.

Also, End of Exams on the 30th of Oct (repeated...i know), Melbourne Cup on November 7th, Oaks day sometime in there with Louisa, End of Professional Practice on the 29th of November!, HOME on December 3rd, but stopping in Malaysia for 2 nights, and should be home around the 5th or 6th.....

I do realise that this update is only from June onwards which probably doesnt say much about my first semester back at school. It was a rather uneventful mix of school and study....but it was fun non-the less.

Australia is well into spring now, and the sun is shining more, which makes it lovely to have windows and doors open and do outdoorsey sports. Lars and I have taken to going on bike rides on the Scotchman's Creek Trail that goes from our suburb (Notting Hill) to the city (takes about 1.5 hrs at lars' pace, or around 2+ for me!). Lars has also taken advantage of the great weather by going roller skiing which to this day scares the pants off me (think skis with wheels and no breaks). And now he tells me that he would like to buy FASTER ONES....oi vei.

Well this is long enough, my guilt over not maining anything worth reading for almost a year has well and truly passed.

Miss everyone at home - esp, my girls and fam! See you all soon, and get ready for some catch up lunches and fun nights out!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ashleigh, Anja, and Trisha (in anya's gorgeous appartment) for New Years 2006! Norway

Ash and Trish bringing in the new year (2006) in the snow with sparklers and fireworks -Drammen, Norway

Robert, Cecilie, and Vegard on the couch - New Years 2005/6 - Norway

Ashleigh and Gard - New Years 2005/6 Norway

Lars and Gard laughing - New Years 2005/6

Magnus, Erik (the canadian) and Ashleigh - New Years 2005/6

Trish and Ash enjoying cocktails on New Years - Norway 2005/6

Lars and Ashleigh on New Years (2006) in Drammen Norway

Im still smiling here! Cross country skiing is much harder than it looks, and falling REALLY hurts.....give me downhill any day!!!

Lars worked trish and I out so much when we went cross country skiing. This is at the beginning before being taken on a 'short' 1.5hr mountain trek.

Princess Gates of Canadian National Exhibition Grounds, Toronto Canada

CN Tower - Toronto, Canada

Walking the streets of TO in frigid temperatures.

Ash and the Canada Bear

Lars standing on the Glass floor in the CN Tower - world's tallest freestanding structure. T Dot, Canada.

Cloudy day driving into Toronto

Lars plays serious - canada, burlington waterfront

Lars in Canada - Burlington Waterfront

Ash and Lars with the traditional hats Christmas Day!

Dad modelling the goods on christmas morning

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hey guys,

I know i promised pictures, and there are SO MANY! However, i have decided to wait until the 15th of Feb, when im back in Aus to do that, b/c i really dont want to install the silly programs needed to add them on my G4.

Definately come back and check that out...there will be MASSIVE AMOUNTS!

And here is hoping that the best picture of trisha and J boy/manager/car boy/touchy from sweden gets up here! hahaha.

Talk/see everyone soon


Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Years

This year we celebrated New Years in Norway with lots of Lars’ Friends. It was a great evening. Here is just a small bit about what we did for everyone in Canada and Australia. This year we were invited to Dag and Anya’s apartment in Drammen for a black tie dinner and drinks. Everyone brought 1 or 2 dishes which made for a lot of food. Everyone was dressed really well, and the place was decorated beautifully. People brought lasagna, ham, turkey, potatoes, cheese, potato salad, salmon, and many other things. All in all there were about 20 of us. Trisha had a good time to my knowledge and actually impressed me by finishing a liter of duty free Malibu. Me, im still the same as always and had about 2-3 drinks before stopping. I don’t have a high tolerance at all.

The best part about new years was getting to spend it with Lars and being in the snow again. About 2 days before New years, we had about a foot of fresh powder, so we had beautiful scenery for the new years countdown.

About 10 minutes before the new year, we all went down into the street along with many other Norwegians. We drank champagne, lit sparklers, small firecrackers and waited for the new year. Then, when New Years came, many people all around the city lit off more fireworks, and the whole sky was lit up. It was truly beautiful. It was like seeing (for those in Canada) a Canada Day fireworks display all over Hamilton from all different areas. The scenery where we were, was also in a valley of sorts, and therefore, we were able to have a nice view of many parts of Drammen and the people who were celebrating with us.

I called my mom and dad, and they must have been confused as there was a 6 hr time difference so it would have still been early in Canada. However, they quickly realized this and wished me a happy new years. It was excellent to have the opportunity to start the new years hearing their voices. As always, I miss them very much and love them very much.

Aside from New Years, Norway has been keeping me busy. We have been enjoying lots of nice foods, and keeping active. On December 30, Trisha, Lars and I went for an hr and a half cross country ski up in the mountains. I am no expert at this particular type of skiing so we have some funny video’s to show you all at home some time. However, I did manage to tucker myself out by trying to do hills using an advanced technique that Lars demonstrated. Let me just tell you that he can do that way better than I can at the moment. My goal by the end of this trip (slash new years resolution) is to improve and at least make it up most of the steep hills without falling. Hahaha.

I guess that is all, I will update again soon
Love you all,

Saturday, September 03, 2005

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